Hotel in Lido di Classe, pets allowed

Those who travel in the company of your four-legged friend, you do not have to worry about it to relatives and friends before leaving for the summer holidays, but will be able to stay at the hotel Brasilia, where pets are allowed and welcome!

Also under this aspect, the Brasilia hotel confirms hotel for families , since many of our guests bring their 4-legged friend, considering it an integral part of their family.

Beach for pets

On the coast of Lido di Classe is disponibuile a stretch of beach, open to dogs and animals of small and medium size. The hotel also puts at your disposal in the Bathroom Vanni Gustofino Beach in front of the hotel, an area for your 4-legged friend. The availability of umbrellas is limited and it is desired for a reservation number 347-7672723 or through the reception of the hotel.

To the owners: we ask you to follow a few simple rules: clean up where you dirty, keep dogs on a leash so as not to disturb the neighborhood, bathing in the mirror of the water indicated, and the animal must be free from fleas, ticks and other parasites. Access is strictly forbidden to dogs female during estrous. The area is equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, water, rescue service, and the shaded areas.

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